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** BE YOU Sessions ('cuz hiding is for turtles)** Limited Time Offer :: 3-90-min Sessions for the price of 2!

It’s one thing to know yourself, it’s another to BE yourself.

That’s when transformation happens… when you can BE real.

Do you know how impactful it is for your business + life to show up as yourself?

We all have fears about being “too much” if we do show up fully expressed as who we are.

You may have spent a decade or more focused on personal + spiritual development - and that’s great - but if we don’t live our life how we want to live it, then we won’t be happy.

In other words, if your lifestyle (biz + personal life) isn’t fulfilling you, maybe it’s time for some changes to get in alignment with who you are + who you want to be.

These sessions are all about understanding your behaviours + mindset around what's keeping you stuck - and revealing with clarity what you really want at this point in your business + life.

They're a blend of Business Strategy, Mindset Coaching + Brand Consulting. A triple threat to make you rock solid in your biz growth of becoming a Brand New, Powerful Aligned You!

Our guts, gumption + creative ideas alone won't bring success.

How can we guarantee our own success if we don't have clarity to move forward in our life and business?

We get support to lay the energetic groundwork. We clear the past, gain clarity, + feel good with our inner and outer purpose, brainstorm, create a plan + implement a strategy - that's how!

Having creative + strategically minded guidance + support to create a foundation + roadmap to create a New You in this New Year is a critical first step to make massive shifts for creating a life + business you love!

I’m your guide, mentor, “how to” consultant, mindset calibrator, brand specialist, cheerleader, arse-kicker, accountability partner, PR consultant, uplifter + friend who will remind you daily of your limitless capacity + ability to receive all you desire!

Some examples of what I can help you with in these sessions:

>> Understanding the mindset behind money or expansion resistance from past fears + disappointments, and take you out of stagnancy, make strides + create momentum!
>> Embracing Your Future: Lay the foundation through creative visualization + other tools to embody your purpose
>> Align with your message + goals
>> Develop a framework + plan for next 90 Days
>> Create strategies: Visibility Funnel TM, sales funnel + brand strategy that feels good to YOU!
>> Develop a brand + visual style guide (aligned photography, color + typeface palettes)

Expect the results of our session together to give you new found clarity, confidence + some serious action steps that may challenge you and stretch you out of your comfort zone - but ultimately will create significant traction in your business! Remember - it's impossible to grow when we stay the same and don't change our actions.

I'm looking forward to our session!

->> Only $777 - 3-90-min Sessions for the price of 2 - For a Limited Time Offer!

* Note: All purchases are under protected under the Terms + Conditions guidelines.

3 - 60min Fearlessly Branding YOU Sessions with Your Brand On Fire: High-level brand strategy + visibility sessions

This is a 3 session formula + strategy to launch an unstoppable, fearless brand that will connect you more deeply with your genius and the overall relationship you have with your business and clients - and, you'll get seen and make you money!

BRAND BURST: The “Get Started” Squarespace Solution

every 2 weeks for 4 weeks ($2197.00 total)
This done-for-you brand development package is the perfect startup solution for entrepreneurs who are ready to go pro + get profitable and who are on a budget.

When you work with me, you'll get the expertise and support you need take the overwhelm out of the experience. Don't get me wrong, this is a co-creation - but you will be guided every step of the way through your website production. And with a speedy turnaround time of 3-4 weeks, you'll have your brand + website launched and ready to take action in your business!

Here's what you'll get with this done-for-you full brand package:

+ Brand foundation
+ Messaging support
+ Text logo
+ Website strategy
+ 5-page website
+ Plus, mentoring!

Your Bonuses:
#1 Website Tutorial: Value $149
#2 Coming Soon Page: Value $105

Investment: $2197
-- 2 payments of $1098.50, 2 weeks apart


Things to keep in mind:
* Maximum 2 rounds of edits for text logo and website (cost incurred if more)
* Photos/imagery not included in cost
* Copy + photos must be provided prior to estimated start date of website development + production
* Design production start + end date is dependent on agreed schedule
* Development production timeline is 3-4 weeks. (cost may be incurred if timeline exceeds 6 weeks)
* Please review the Terms & Conditions: http://jcr-studios.com/terms-and-conditions/


Make sure to click "Schedule" to book your first Brand Clarity + Website Strategy Session with me to get you started now!

I can't wait to dive into building your beautiful brand together!

Jacqueline xx

Fearlessly Branding YOU Program: 4 Week Brand Clarity + Confidence Intensive: 4 high-level sessions to build your brand

** 1 Spot Left! $500 off - Regularly $997. Limited time offer until June 7th, 2018 **

Choose 1-2 of 3 Steps with this 4 session formula + strategy to launch an unstoppable, fearless brand that will connect you more deeply with your genius and the overall relationship you have with your business and clients - and, you'll get seen and make you money!

Go Gold Support Package #3: VIP Website + Brand Maintenance Program -- 5 hrs/month = $375 ($75/hr)  - reg. $525 at $105/hr pricing

per month
Guts, gumption + creative ideas alone won't bring success - but getting the support you need to plan + implement, will!

Let me help you fast-track your brilliant ideas, free you from tech-hell and get you back into your zone of genius -- making money + focusing on creating an unforgettable impact on your clients + customers!

I’m your guide, mentor, “how to” consultant, brand specialist, cheerleader, arse-kicker, accountability partner, PR consultant, uplifter + friend who will help you gain the traction you need to access your limitless capacity + ability to receive all you desire!

My monthly maintenance program will give you peace-of-mind knowing your website is secure, up-to-date as you grow your brand consistency, visibility and much of the dreaded tech support for your website.

I’ve designed it to maximize the cost efficiency.

Examples of what this can be used for:
▪ Wordpress + Plugin Updates
▪ Content Updates
▪ Copywriting: Editing
▪ Content Creation (ie. New Pages, Offering, Short Sales Page etc)
▪ SEO Basic Implementation/Updates
▪ Branded Graphics (ie. Banners for Email Newsletters, Social Media, Website Banners)
▪ 30 min Strategy Session (Max per month)
▪ Strategy Creation
▪ Funnel Creation + Implementation

Included with this monthly subscription is an initial 30 minute Bonus brand + business clarity session to determine where exactly my support can be best utilized over the next 1-2+ months. Even if you have full vision of what that is, I still encourage an initial meeting to review all that's required for us to begin working together to give us both full visibility and expectations.

Feel free to reach out to me at jacqueline@jcr-studios.com if you have any questions.



* Note: All purchases are under protected under the Terms + Conditions guidelines.

Magic Mojo + Money Session

Let me guess - you're probably a creative thought leader like me, right?

You know, someone who has an abundance of ideas but you don't have the time to follow through or have the skill set or to deliver.

In other words, the problem is you sometimes are challenged with executing your brilliant, impact-making ideas. #lifeofanentrepreneur

This is why your creative ideas alone won't bring you success.

I've always said, "Business" isn't a noun - it's a verb.

It's not a static entity that has fixed qualities.

It's made up of an on-going dynamic dance of ideas, processes and bold action-taking (mojo) that generates momentum + magic that moves us toward a specific desired outcome (aka. goals).

Our business is in constant flow of ideas from >> 
Idea Curation to Marketing Strategy to Production to Launch.

Just think about how frequently we do this in a 1 year lifespan of our business!

How do you think it would impact your biz if you had support to create a foundation + roadmap for every great idea you know damn well is viable that would generate leads, money + growth for you, but haven't executed yet?

Being a brand strategist, coach & consultant, I want nothing more than to see you thrive in your business.

And that means helping you create offerings that light you up, make massive impact in the world, monetize + launch them - to generate the income you deserve!

I just privately launched a limited time offer called, Magic Mojo & Money Sessions - only to you and my subscribers.

This is going to save you so much time, money, sweat/stress/tears, and get your idea packaged + launched faster than you ever could've imagined!

In 90 mins, you + I will not only unpack your idea, but we will…
• Create a plan and strategy around all the moving parts of your offering,
• Make a brand platform and visual branding (ICA, colors, fonts)
• Identify the implementation locations (website, sales pg, social media)
• Create a marketing strategy and timeline

It's only on for a limited time and it's priced to leave no excuses on the table!

Let's make some magic, mojo, + money!

Investment: Only $397 for 90 mins

PS. Grab this rare offer now {it isn't on my website}

The Art of Rebranding + Reinvention Sessions (For a Limited Time $197 -- Reg. $397)

For the past 6 years I’ve been coaching entrepreneurs on how to keep up with staying true to who they are + who they’re becoming + how to be in alignment with their brand + biz goals.

Because guess what? We personally change + grow + evolve just like our business.

We’re the pioneers + creators of our business + personal brand so it’s a natural progression that we occasionally find ourselves at a crossroads, feeling called to pivot in another direction - either in a small or in a BIG way.

Like all transitions, they can feel isolating, confusing + daunting - particularly if there’s any amount of internal doubt. And the longer we grapple with this results in some form of self-sabotage which can easily block our business success.

In my (+ my clients) experience, getting the support needed to move through this reinvention/rebranding phase is critical. #notfearmongoring

Whether it’s through a coach like myself or a like-minded business peer — if we don’t take the time to process thru this, it can manifest into many problems… from no longer attracting your soul clients… to lacking clarity + confidence… to impacting your sales.

And who wants to sit in fear, scarcity + limbo?

You got into this business to thrive + shift + expand as quickly as possible. Am I right?

If you’re in this reinvention mode, we need to talk!

If you feel out of alignment with your business - it’s ok, you’re not a freak of nature - we all do at some point!

People will call this “Up Leveling”
and it is… but a minor to a major re-brand is in order for you to get into alignment with your business so that YOU + your SOUL CLIENTS can feel congruent with your business.

THAT’s what sells.


But it does need to be addressed before it overwhelms + effects you + your business!

Doing this work will save you weeks, months, possibly years of feeling stuck, you’ll be on your way to making sustainable biz growth.

Get the business strategy, support + mentorship you need to get clear on your next steps to redesign + launch your new rebrand with my new break-free sessions: The Art of Rebranding + Reinvention!

In our 90 min session, we will co-create massive shifts through:

• Letting go of resistances: Understand your self-sabotage + steps to eliminate it
• Gain confidence to expand to the next level + beyond
• Defining + claiming your vision + impact: Realigning to your business goals
• Determine what makes you stand out (your unique selling proposition) with the look + feel, the words, the colors, the photos - oh my!
• How to unveil your rebrand + reintroduce yourself into your marketplace
• Sharing your journey + creating a narrative to market yourself with ease
• Tips to build your brand authority as an expert

And… during these sessions the inspiration is off the charts!

Bonus: When there’s time, there’s SO much high flying energy that we sometimes end up creating quick monetizable offerings that can be implemented in a flash so you can hit the ground running!

These are one of my most coveted sessions with my clients - and it’s the first time I’ve brought these sessions + system to the public.

I can’t wait for us to get started together - and for you to move through this transitional period with as much ease + joy + inspiration as possible!



Your Purpose. Your Path Session

What would be different for you if you knew what you were called to do and give with your life right now—and had the confidence to go do it?

Helping people to connect to who they really are, is my strength.

Here's what you can expect after these sessions with me (and what clients tell me they experience):

1. You wake up excited about life and ready to start your day.
2. You’re able to tap into your intuition more easily.
3. You make decisions quickly.
4. You connect with others easily.
5. You’re present.
6. You have confidence.
7. You feel alive and KNOW yourself.
8. You feel like you’re on fire.
9. You have a strong sense of calm.

I can't wait to support you on your path to clarifying your inner AND outer purpose in the world!


Fearlessly Branding YOU Program: 12 Week Brand Development Mentorship: High-level sessions to build + magnetize your brand authority!

** 3 Spots Left! $1500 off - Regularly $2997. Limited time offer until June 7th, 2018 **

A 12 (or 6) session formula, strategy + coaching to launch an unstoppable, fearless brand that will connect you more deeply with your genius and the overall relationship you have with your business and clients - and, you'll get seen and make you money!